Ready out of the box


Bundled with the Application is a number of templates out of the box, supporting a number of manufacturers.

In order to add more templates, I need your help!

If you own a device not currently listed, please get in touch. To create a template all I need is a rough sketch of the device and it’s button maps (what button number windows sees)- I’m happy to convert that into a template for you

Included with release


  • Fighterstick
  • Pro Throttle


  • X52 HOTAS
  • X56 HOTAS


You may need to customise the templates to suit your needs. Customing Templates.

Because you can endlessly customise your Virpil button ID, disable POV hats and make them conventional hats, I cannot ship every possible combination

I’ve tried to keep these templates “out of the box”, but that may change with Virpil software updates.

  • Constellation ALPHA R
  • Control Panel #1
  • MT-50CM Stick
  • VFX Stick
  • WarBRD Stick
  • MT-50 CM2 Throttle


  • T16000M Joystick
  • TWCS Throttle
  • Warthog Stick
  • Warthog Throttle


  • Gladiator NXT

Total Controls

  • Button Box (Unreleased)

Custom Templating

Joystick Diagrams is perfect if you’ve created your own custom joystick or button box.

You can create custom template profiles in minutes, with simple free to use tools.