Automate your joystick diagrams

Generated bind diagrams for major brands and custom devices directly from your setup configuration

1. Setup

Setup in seconds with no risk to your existing configs

2. Browse your binds

Inspect your binds in Joystick Diagrams, combine binds from different sources

3. Export your diagrams

Select a template for your device and have Joystick Diagrams create a diagram of all your binds for your device ready to use

Joystick Diagrams is an automation tool for generating simple (and complex) visual diagrams for your HID devices. It works with a variety of different tools and combines the binds together to create exported diagrams at the click of a button for your entire setup.


Save time

No more editing PDFs, creating Powerpoint decks... just run the tool, setup your device against a template and go.

Browse your binds

View your binds in the tool for all your games by device, view all the buttons,axis, hats and modifiers in one place

Native templates

With dozens of devices supported out of the box, you could be setup in minutes. Support for Virpil, WinWing, VKB, Thrustmaster and more


Not feeling the default templates? Customise and make them yours


Combine different tool configurations together to export them as one


Write your own plugin if your tool is not supported using Python

Open Source

Free. Forever. For the great sim community.