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1.4 - Star Citizen Update Support

Posted: March 31, 2021

Finally happy to announce the startings of Star Citizen support.

🥇 Features 🥇

The main feature is the introduction of Star Citizen support

Star Citizen

  • Added Star Citizen tab
  • Added ability to specify XML file (You’ll have to export your config file first, like show here)

Known Issues

  • Multiple sticks is supported, but some users with sticks that don’t uniquely identify will run into issues. T16000M I have seen this on from testing. Sticks that identify as “VKB RIGHT” and “VKB LEFT” will work correctly.
  • The output bind names are just straight from the file right now, the next step is specifying more human readable names

:boom: Other features/fixes :boom:

  • Some minor fixes to build process, EXE is now correctly versioned
  • Updates to the website to introduce changelog

:smoking: Future developments & feedback :smoking:

  • Currently working on better solution for mapping devices to templates. This should remove the need of renaming template files to suit your device.
  • Customised binds is really important, and something to bring in next. I hope this will let you specify custom binds for DCS, Joystick Gremlin (albeit redundant) and Star Citizen
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