POV/AXIS support & New Website

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1.3 - POV/AXIS support & New Website

Posted: March 10, 2021

It’s been a long time since the last update, and I can only apologise! Getting this out the door last year took it out of me, and had to take some time out.

Glad to be fired up to push out some more content.

:spider_web:New website :spider_web:

I’ve put together a better (hopefully) website, which will hopefully help with any documentation over time as GitHub isn’t the most friendly for most people!

Check it out at - http://joystick-diagram.com

🥇 4/8 Way POV and AXIS Support 🥇

The tool now supports POV and AXIS support, so if you have any custom templates you’ll need to modify them to make this work. The format for templates is


Supported POV template directions

_U _UR _R _DR _D _DL _L _UL

DCS World

  • Fully supports AXIS and POV hats

Joystick Gremlin

  • Only supports POV hats
  • AXIS support will come with later versions once tool can read local devices

:joystick: Template Changes :joystick:

  • Changes to the T16000M template based on feedback
  • Added X52 template

:boom: Other features/fixes :boom:

  • Hardware device names containing white space (VKB) will now work and find templates correctly
  • You can now customise your “No Bind” text in the Config.cfg file
  • When selecting your DCS directory, it should now auto navigate to the directory (if installed in default location)
  • Added Discord link to application
  • Added Donate link (Thanks to everyone who has donated)
  • Some logging changes to capture fatals

:smoking: Future developments & feedback :smoking:

  • The majority of issues are around linking up “template” and “device” names, I have a rough plan of how I might tackle this now
  • I would like to get an idea of how many people are using the app (to help me dedicate time), so looking at transparent ways to do this
pov axis t16000m saitek-x52 vkb