More templates and small fixes / features

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1.2 - More templates and small fixes / features

Posted: October 12, 2020

This release primarily focussed on out of the box support, I’ve managed to increase the support for multiple setups out of the box, with bespoke templates created by myself. Thanks to the help from various people to make some of them happen, and also shout out to Virpil for providing me with lots of information.

🥇 🥇 New Templates 🥇 🥇

All of these now work out of the box, and have been added in 1.2 on top of the existing templates.

  • Virpil Control Box 1
  • Virpil VFX Stick
  • Virpil WarBRD
  • Saitek X56
  • CH Fighterstick (Special thanks to Alexjager for button maps)
  • CH Throttle (Special thanks to Alexjager for button maps)
  • TWCS Throttle
  • VKB Gladiator Left & Right (Special thanks to JusticeMKIII)

Template Changes

  • Replaced Warthog Stick template with custom one
  • Added button 33 to MT-50 CM2 Throttle (Temporary fix while I do new custom templates for CM/CM-2 throttle range)

Community templates

New folder added in /templates for User Submitted templates. Any merged into the repository will live here, while I come up with a better solution for having multiple device -> template maps available in the app.

Thanks to Adampridmore for first submission 👍

Other features/fixes

  • UTF8 characters now work in SVG (Viggen bug gone)
  • Unused assignments are now cleaned up on the diagrams (I.e. Button_56 not just left there if it’s not bound)
  • Refactor of dirty functions file, Export is now class to allow for future expansion and possibly other export options (I.e. DCS Kneeboards/Browser opening and Customisable Export paths)
  • Removed requirement to have /temp folder for writing diagrams, should reduce IO and increase speed slightly
  • Test coverage on exporting added (previously a gap)
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