Frequently asked questions

I’m having problems getting the software working

  • Join the Discord and I’ll try help you get up and running

Why do I get “No template found for Device”

  • All template files must be in the root /template directory.
  • Your windows device name must match exactly to the template used. As an example a device name of “VPC Throttle CM3” would require a file called “VPC Throttle CM3.svg” to be present in /templates

Why can’t I find a template for my device?

  • Currently the templates are bundled with the release.
  • Visit Discord to find user made templates you can add on or request one
  • In future I’ll decouple these and improve the template system, as well as the stock templates

My buttons don’t match when I use the template

  • Some joystick providers allow full customisation of the device button outs, so BUTTON_1 may be BUTTON_6 for someone else depending on device config
  • At the moment the bundling of templates caters for only the default configurations (but these can also change between firmware releases)
  • To resolve you’ll need to edit the SVG file, and move the labels to the relevant input

When is a new version coming out?

  • I’ve had some life events that have slowed developement and also made the next release far too ambitious. Right now I am focussing on delivering modifier support, enabling chaining architecture and changing the way templates and devices are mapped together.